I started my indexing career almost 25 years ago, as a part time copyeditor and proofreader. Soon I learned the art of indexing, and over the years have written hundreds of indexes in many different categories,  including business, psychology, medicine, veterinary, ecology, education, travel, pet care, philosophy and religion, ethics, car law, and so much more. Most of my work is back-of-the book indexing. I also index journals, catalogues, monographs, etc.  I’m willing to work with difficult subject matter that many other indexers avoid, such as violence, sexual abuse, torture, etc. There are very few difficult topics I’d turn away, but there are some. I’m happy to talk to you about your project, no matter what the topic is.

I enjoy copyediting as a change from indexing, and can charge by the page or offer an hourly rate or project rate according to your needs. Rates depend on the type and extent of editing required. Fiction and nonfiction are welcome.

I particularly enjoy a team approach, and I’m happy to work directly with an author, or with project managers, packagers, and with other freelancers. A happy client is a repeat client. I’ll do everything I can to make sure you’re satisfied with the final results. Feel free to ask questions about anything at any time. For information about my rates and other technical information, to see my resumé, or to browse a list of indexes I’ve written, please visit my website, or send me an email.

Rachel Rice (Rae the Indexer) can be found in these categories: