Allen Media Strategies: Your Media, Marketing and Public Relations Specialists

 We believe that to be effective in today’s world, you need to know what your message is, how to communicate it, and where to strategically market it.

Allen Media Strategies, a boutique firm based in Washington, DC, specializes in custom media and marketing consultation and strategy. We pride ourselves on giving outstanding customer service and close, personal attention to our limited client list.

Our staff has extensive experience in the broadcast, entertainment and public relations industries. We offer a wide variety of services that are custom tailored to our clients’ needs.

Our Services

Public Relations

Allen Media Strategies trains and coaches media personalities on all aspects of their development and execution. This can include creating press materials, how to generate radio, TV and print interviews, coaching and development of their interviewee skills, and most importantly how to generate income from those media appearances. Our client roster boasts best selling authors, national entertainers, doctors, attorneys, financial experts, real estate professionals, love and relationship experts, psychics and more.

Public Relations Campaign Development

  • Brand and Message Development
  • Public Relations and Media Liaison Techniques
  • Building a PR Mindset in your organization
  • Understanding today’s demanding media

Copywriting and Message Focus

We’ll work with you to re-write and punch-up (or, if necessary, build from the ground up) your written presentation materials for press kits, websites and marketing materials.

Broadcast Consulting and Management

Allen Media Strategies consults radio stations and individual personalities in conjunction with Alan Burns and Associates, one of the world’s leading broadcast consultancies. We help stations and personalities increase ratings by providing custom strategies, marketing/promotion ideas, and individualized training for stations and personalities in all market sizes. Contact us for a free, confidential conversation to find out how we can help your station increase it’s revenue and ratings.

Allen Media Strategies actively seeks to acquire, manage and consult broadcast properties and syndicated radio programs. We’re proud to have dozens of strategic alliances with the biggest and best names in broadcast entertainment to provide unique, compelling local programming for our stations.

We also utilize the latest technology to streamline station and program operations, creating maximum efficiencies and providing a very attractive rate of return for our investors. We work closely with banks, capital acquisition firms and venture capitalists to put together attractive financing packages, and would be happy to send you more investor information.

Custom Seminars

Burke Allen can appear at your company or association’s next gathering with an informative, interesting presentation. Topics include:

Becoming Semi-Famous: Discover how you can generate direct sales and publicity in a crowded marketplace. Perfect for speakers, authors, doctors, lawyers, real estate professionals and others who would like to become expert guests in the media.

Creating Emotion on the Air: Perfect for programmers and performers (television or radio air talent), Allen Media Strategies can show you how to create moments on the air that make listeners “afraid” to tune out or they will miss something. You will learn  the laws of “leveraging” emotions to create winning radio and television.

How To Create A Winning Morning Show: The winning “recipe” for morning show success.

Managing and Coaching Your Personality On The Air: The 20-step process of evaluating talent; coaching your personality for optimum performance.

Promotions that Increase Talk and Generate Sales: Twenty money-making and talk-generating ideas.

Programming Radio Stations or Web Stations: Master the music and formats and win listeners.

Branding and Positioning Your Personality and Product: How to create a consistent product to which consumers respond: producing the image of your personality/product in a competitive market.

Your Web Site as a Profit-Center: How to create a dynamic web site that attracts repeat users and generates REAL cash flow.

Hands On Media Training Workshop

The Smart Way To Get Free Media and Marketing: Master the Media & Watch Your Business Soar!

Everyday thousands of talk shows and producers need to find interesting and compelling guests. By presenting yourself as an expert in an entertaining manner, media producers will be calling you to appear on shows as their guests.

This allows you to promote yourself, product, book, seminar, website, or business … for free!

This free media results in literally thousands of dollar in marketing exposure and results in increased sales, exposure, brand awareness and professional credibility.

The Secret

Here’s the secret that 99% of Americans don’t know, or don’t know how to accomplish:  There is no better way to increase sales, bolster your public profile, boost web traffic, and strengthen brand awareness and credibility than to appear as an expert guests!

Learn how to master the media and have radio, television and print knocking on your door by attending a Media Mastery Exclusive event with our expert faculty and trainers in the media capital of the world, Washington D.C.

To generate hundred of thousands of dollar in free media exposure, penetrate the world of mass media, and build status in the press as the expert in your field, you should attend Media Mastery Exclusive.

* In-studio Radio Interview Sessions to Produce Your Own Show
* Professional Photography Shoot With You As The Model
* “Building The Perfect Press Kit”
* Television Interview & Performance Critique
* Unplugged Performance From a New National Artist
* One-on-One Networking With Media &Broadcast Industry Pros
* “The Easy Way to Market Yourself To The Media” workshop
* “It All Starts With Your Voice” Speech Workshop
* “It Continues With Your Image” Image Workshop

Now Is Your Time…

…to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in free media exposure, penetrate the world of mass media and build status in the press as the expert in your field.  Without proper media coaching, you could be spending your valuable media opportunities wrongly and actually contributing to your own demise.

What you are telling the world can seriously impact your bottom line

We not only teach you, but also conduct training in a manner that gives you the experience to become media savvy, prepared for news events and gain positive publicity every time.

It’s your time to boost your positive media attention: it’s your time to attend Media Mastery Exclusive Weekend.

Find Out Why New York Times Best Selling Authors Trust Us..

Expert one on one coaching from real industry experts make Media Mastery Exclusive the most relevant and successful event for people like you who want to develop a workable plan to harness the power of the media.

At Media Mastery Exclusive Weekend, we work with you in a step-by-step manner … and at many times, one-on-one to give you the best hands on experience.