Are you an expert, service provider or vendor who’d like to be hired by executive authors?

Our searchable directory will show your free alphabetical listing in up to 5 of the categories in which you offer services. You may add up to 5 more categories for $500/year or 10 more for $800/year (see below for details). Our 150 categories include ghostwriters, graphic designers, media relations experts, printers and many more. You can browse our list of categories grouped to reflect how our authors will search for you. And we welcome your suggestions about new categories to add.

Our listings help you to attract more author clients, get found by new prospects and showcase your expertise.

When you complete a free profile listing, you receive:

• Your own profile page (linked to your website) with your logo, contact information and an overview description of your business.

• Overview and category profile pages that show all of your categories and all of your library contributions so authors get a rich impression of your expertise and the scope of your business.

• A 150-word detailed description of your services in each of your categories (also linked to your website and with your logo and contact information).

• A 50-word short description for each of your categories’ search results. These summaries will appear in alphabetical order by company name on the search results pages (unless you buy the top-of-category position for some or all of your categories — see below for details).

• The opportunity to submit up to five educational items (PDFs, MP3s, links to videos and webinars) in each of your categories to the library our authors access for free. Those items will intensify your exposure to the authors, attract their attention and interest them in your services.

• Invitations to contribute to events and materials we produce that feature the experts in our most popular categories.

* * * * *

Upgrade to become a Plus Provider to expand your coverage to more categories.

If you offer services in more than the 5 categories we offer for free, you can pay $500 annually to be listed in up to an additional 5 or $800/year to be listed in up to an additional 10.

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Upgrade to become a Gold Provider: A limited number of service providers can be listed at the top of our search results pages.

Each category can have up to two Gold Providers that appear at the top of its search results pages. (After those positions are taken, all other service providers in the category will only be able to be listed alphabetically.)

It costs $2,000 annually per category to be a Gold Provider. You may become a Gold Provider in any or all of your categories that have an available position.

As a Gold Provider, you’ll receive these additional benefits related to your Gold category(ies):

• A Hot Leads Report of the authors who accessed each item you contributed to our library so you can follow-up with them.

• We help you produce — and we market to our authors — up to two live teleconference or webinar events annually that will be archived in our free library for authors.