We help you create a business- or brand-building book that will lead to your desired 6- or 7-figure business results — results such as increasing profits, attracting new clients or partners, being considered an industry leader or being recognized nationally.

Unlike most publishing experts, consultants and book coaches, we know how to make your book a game-changer by having those results drive everything we do as we shape your book AND business to work together and leverage the book-business synergy we create. Our expertise sources from being a publishing industry insider since the mid-1970s and through 40 years advising 1,000+ company leaders in dozens of industries about business growth and planning that is truly strategic.

Whether your book is completed or in the concept stage, we start with consulting and strategic discussions that address the 100+ decisions your business-building book will require. We strategically guide, advise about, shape and plan them, all while describing the pros and cons of your best options. You also receive a detailed plan of your choices and a comprehensive task timeline of who will do what, when and at what cost.

We also build the very best team of experts, service providers and vendors for all of the work you need done and can project manage your book end-to-end so it stays on schedule and on budget with a minimum of disruption to your life.

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What a Book Can Do for Your Business

Learn dozens of results a book can generate for your business. This article will not only excite you about what your book can bring, but will also help you complete the first and most important step of your book project: deciding which desired business results to build your book around.


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