Executive Authors

We help you create a business- or brand-building book that will lead to your desired results — results such as increasing profits, attracting new clients or partners, being considered an industry leader or being recognized nationally.

Unlike most publishing experts, consultants and book coaches, we know how to make your book a game-changer by having those results drive everything we do as we shape your book AND business to work together and leverage the book-business synergy we create.

Ally Machate Consulting/The Writer’s Ally

What you need most right now is an experienced professional who can talk to you about your unique situation—your business, your goals, your time and budget, your available content—and help you create a custom publishing strategy that works for you. I'm your gal.

Author Bridge Media

You dream; we plan. Our book planners free your mind from confusion and overwhelm about how you can deliver a powerful message through your book. We create an organized structure for sharing your expertise so you can move forward with confidence and peace of mind.

Bullen Publishing Services

With 25+ years of experience as a book coach, book marketing and publishing consultant, author, copywriter and editor, I enjoy helping experts and authors write and publish the best book possible and learn to promote their book effectively and reach their readers.


We specialize in not only helping you write and publish a great book but in positioning it strategically to bring new clients and revenues to your business. For a book to bring you a good ROI, you need our strategic thinking and positioning.

Chief Virtual Officer – Social Media Consultant

We can help with project management to get your book marketing strategies in place and maintain them on an ongoing basis. We have years of experience in self-publishing and lots of resources to refer you to.