Go Gold!

A limited number of service providers can be listed at the top of our search results pages. Each category can have up to two Gold Providers that appear at the top of its search results pages. (After those positions are taken, all other service providers in the category will only be able to be listed alphabetically.)

It costs $2,000 annually per category to be a Gold Provider. You may become a Gold Provider in any or all of your categories that have an available position.

As a Gold Provider, you’ll receive these additional benefits related to your Gold category(ies):

• A Hot Leads Report of the authors who accessed each item you contributed to our library so you can follow-up with them.

• We help you produce — and we market to our authors — up to two live teleconference or webinar events annually that will be archived in our free library for authors.

(If you prefer to pay by postal check, send us an email requesting an invoice and do not use the button below.

Once you click this button, do not back up, but complete your transaction before returning to the site. Each Gold category purchase is a separate transaction.)

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