The “Oprah model” is over. It used to be that if your book got favorable publicity from a handful of A-list media, you were guaranteed a bestseller. Now a small blog with a supportive readership might drive more sales than a review in a major newspaper. A few tweets by the right people might mean more than an entire piece by a top columnist. Some authors can get more street cred from a Reddit AMA than from a television appearance.

Or maybe not. And that’s the point: There is no one-size-fits-all formula. What we do best is create custom strategies to sell your book, not someone else’s. Our simple goal is to find the right audience for you, and to come up with a blend of traditional and “of the moment” tactics to get you there.

Our boutique firm was founded on three core beliefs:

1) We’re students of what really works, right now. We constantly experiment with what might work tomorrow. We’re not afraid to reject techniques that sold lots of books five years ago but don’t anymore, and we’re not afraid to try new ideas until we find the one that works best for you.

2) The line between publicity and marketing has blurred beyond recognition. Today’s most successful book launches can seamlessly blend TV, radio, print, and online publicity; social media; author-driven websites, blogs, and email newsletters; lectures and conferences and other events; and more. Working on any of these elements in isolation hurts the overall chances of success. Call it marketing, call it publicity, we don’t care — we just want to sell a lot of your books.

3) Selling books effectively takes everyone. We look forward to collaborating with you, your publisher, and your existing readers or fans or employees or clients or customers to create the most successful launch possible.