Conscious and Transformational Speakers:  Your Source for Transformational, Inspirational & Motivational Speakers

We bridge the gap between the corporate meeting and spiritual living center—and everything in between! Our speakers are keen to deliver their messages to a changing world—a world where people need new ways of thinking, new tools for empowerment and success, and a new infusion of passion.

Conscious and Transformational Speakers is an outgrowth of pent-up demand for a company that can handle speakers at all levels—from those who just want to deliver their message to a larger audience to speakers who have established credentials and a minimum speaking fee. The company gives powerful emerging and experienced speakers a way to connect to more people and organizations who are seeking to grow, learn, be inspired and enhance their success.

Founded by longtime mind/body/spirit media relations expert Jackie Lapin, Conscious and Transformational Speakers is a fee-based representation service, unlike many established bureaus. Established bureaus with experienced and highly sought-out speakers can afford to take all of their revenues from speaking fees.  But someone needs to advocate for the speaker who cannot yet command big speaking fees…and that’s where we come in!

Our goal is to help everyone with a powerful message grow and speak to more people, and ultimately to increase remuneration. But to do that, we must have a full time staff aggressively advocating on your behalf. Thus, we operate on a non-traditional business model—our speakers invest in a monthly fee so we can assertively pursue opportunities for them.

Conscious and Transformational Speakers can be found in these categories: