Best-selling author of more than two dozen books on business and finance, I also specialize in helping business founders and CEOs put their legacies in print. My two most recent collaborations (Benjamin Graham and the Power of Growth Stocks, with Frederick Martin, and Dear Investor, What the Hell Are You Doing, with Ken Weber) are now on the shelves of Barnes & Noble (and doing well on Amazon, as well).

There’s a book in you, but what is it and why? What do you hope to get out of it and how are you going to get that done? I can help you answer those questions. In fact, I can take your book from concept to publication–and promotion. But that’s not why you hire me. You hire me because you want your legacy or message to be the best that it can be, and you have just one chance to do that. I’ve been a contributor to the Wall Street Journal and Investor’s Business Daily, a business columnist for many prominent publications, and the author of a dozen business best-sellers and Book-of-the-Month Club selections.

My special expertise is collaborating with founders or CEOs of successful, high-integrity businesses to produce books that are authoritative and enlightening, and enhance the profile of the author and the image of the business.  I can’t make a silk purse out of sow’s ear, but if the subject matter you bring to the table is truly of  substance, your book will be as polished, professional, compelling, and authoritative as any book of its genre. It will be relevant and it will get read.

The hitch is, producing a book worth reading is a tedious and time-consuming process. I’m limited to no more than two or three books of quality each year. So, if there’s a book of substance in you, let me know early in the conceptual stage, and let’s work together to make your book the next great American business best-seller.

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