Speaker Fulfillment Services works with authors, speakers, information marketers and others, providing the behind-the-scenes product manufacturing and/or fulfillment of your orders so you can focus your efforts on more important things like marketing, speaking and product creation.

If you’re an author and you simply need book orders fulfilled to end customers or Amazon, no problem, we handle that for our clients every day. If you’ve gone “beyond your book” and are doing products like home study courses, CD sets or DVD sets you can count on Speaker Fulfillment Services for that too.

With a minimum run size of most products being just 12 units, you don’t have to tie up massive amounts of money into inventory hoping you’ll sell your product. And with our orders to us by noon, out the door that same business day shipping turnaround times you’ll get your product into the hands of your customers more quickly, helping you reduce product returns.

For an overview of all of our services hop on over to SpeakerFulfillmentServices.com or pick up the phone and give us a call at 812-877-7100. Until then, our sincere best wishes to you for success in all you do.