Ally Machate Consulting/The Writer’s Ally

With bestseller creds and more than 16 years of experience with nonfiction book projects, TWA editor Ally E. Machate (formerly of Simon & Schuster) will write, edit, and otherwise shape your nonfiction book proposal so it has the best chance of grabbing an agent or editor’s coveted attention.

Andrea Hurst & Associates

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Art Lizza, Ghostwriter, Conceptual/Developmental Editor

Your book proposal is where the business of getting your manuscript published gets done; where you must convince literary agents and publishers that your book is critically important enough to be published, that you are THE right person to author it, and that people will BUY it. Let me help you write a dynamite and engaging proposal that will get you noticed and make you a published author! Let’s do some convincing!

Bookchic LLC

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BookStar Business Ghostwriting + Development

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