Ally Machate Consulting/The Writer’s Ally

With bestseller creds and more than 16 years of experience writing, shaping, editing, and managing nonfiction book projects, TWA editor Ally E. Machate (formerly of Simon & Schuster) has what it takes to corral your series or help you get your manuscript into top form.

Andrea Hurst & Associates

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Art Lizza, Ghostwriter, Conceptual/Developmental Editor

You’ve written your book—or created a very rough draft—but you’re just not sure it’s good enough for a publisher; maybe your manuscript has already been rejected! I can help; I provide intensive, in-depth, conceptual/developmental editing expertise to exceed publisher standards in a way that will make literary agents eager to read your book, even to represent you. Let’s publish it!

Author Bridge Media

You wrote; we analyze. The developmental editors at Author Bridge offer you a committed, but detached perspective on your book. You gain specific suggestions for how to make your expertise more compelling, so you have the greatest impact as an author.

Bookchic LLC

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