Adept Content Solutions

Each proofread provided by Adept Content Solutions is prepared using printed pages to provide a comprehensive cold read or character-by-character proofread. Subject matter experts are utilized. The typeset styling and pagination are closely reviewed to refine each title.

Adrienne Moch Writing and Editing

It's not a good idea to serve as your own editor, but it can be a recipe for disaster to proofread your own copy. Hire a professional like me to ensure your hard work is error-free.


Bookmasters offers proofreading services, optimized for print books or eBooks. Our production team has an average of 20 years of publishing experience, and you’ll be paired with one of these dedicated, in-house project managers to make sure your project stays on time and within budget.


Our excellent proofers are the last line of defense to make sure those pesky typos don't up in your book!

Editing By Sue

If you want to be sure that your spelling is correct and your punctuation is where it should be, you will want to check out my services.