Adept Content Solutions

Adept Content Solutions provides composition and text layout services utilizing the most current programs. Samples are provided to confirm the text layout parameters to meet the needs of the audience.


Bookmasters offers typesetting services, optimized for print books or eBooks. Our production team has an average of 20 years of publishing experience, and you’ll be paired with one of these dedicated, in-house project managers to make sure your project stays on time and within budget.


BookMatters has been typesetting books for more than 25 years, with a broad range of experience from poetry collections to large science references books, to coffee table books, including complex tables, equations, figures, charts, and illustrations.

Illumination Graphics

Whether your book is fiction, non-fiction, poetry, a workbook or coffee table book, we can typeset, design and layout an interior that is highly professional. Ask for samples, and we will gladly send them to you. With an eye for details, we choose the perfect look for your particular book.

Leigh McLellan Design

My many years of experience in the graphic design field offer you creative, prompt, accurate, and competent service.