Your Book Your Way is, as the name might imply, a ghostwriting service that helps you write the book you’ve always wanted – in your voice.   No cookie cutter book template here. 

We also handle ghost blogging, web content, book proposals and editing.   

While we are NOT a self-publishing house, we can guide you to self-publishers with whom you may want to work. 

The business, opened two years ago, is run by Rich Mintzer, who has 25+ years of experience as an author, ghostwriter, journalist, reporter, marketing writer and comedy writer.  He has over 60 books to his credit on a wide range of topics, including 12 business books for Entrepreneur Press.  Mintzer has also written marketing materials for AXA Equitable and, in recent years, become a blogger for several businesses including Brand Launcher – a Baltimore based marketing company.   In ddition he has  written for Cablevisison, Disney, Warner, Health Advocate and other major companies.

If you are seeking experience, diversity, professionalism, creativity and someone who will serve not as a “yes man” but will challenge you, listen carefully and work with you, to create the best work possible, this is what Mintzer offers.

Your Book Your Way also works with professional editors,  and can, upon their discretion, provide recommendations to other service providers including marketers and literary agents.







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