You’re the author, you’re the authority.

At BusinessGhost, we ghostwrite books for and with our clients.  We’ve produced books for a wide range of people as well as a wide range of genres: from sci-fi/fantasy to business books to motivational/transformational.

We know from first hand experience that having a book opens up possibilities for booking speaking engagements, television/radio spots, and other publicity opportunities.  But we also understand how daunting it can be to face writing and publishing a book.

BusinessGhost provides a structured process to writing books that is both manageable and attuned to each client’s needs. We can write a client’s book in a dozen weeks with a minimum footprint on his or her schedule.

Please Note: We have extensive experience working with FINRA and other compliance bodies across the nation. We write books in a way that does not offend FINRA, or other compliance bodies, by avoiding making what they consider claims and refraining from any mention of specific products. Part of our service includes working with both you and FINRA (or another entity) to make all the necessary and requested changes. This way, we can ensure the book is fully compliant and safe to publish.

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