If You Have a Talent or Service, Here’s the Best Way to Reach Your Niche Audience


When I began EMRE Publishing, LLC, I thought my flagship product, the Embellisher™ Mobile Creating, Marketing and Distribution App, would be of interest to mostly book publishers.  The independent sale of books was taking off, and I had the only app on the market that could target niche audiences for authors who could reach and collect readers inside a full-service publishing app.  Authors could create their books, market their books and distribute their books inside the same mobile, cross-platform application, collecting 100% of the price they chose to affix to their book.

However, what I discovered as I worked with clients on their books was that my product could be tailored to fit a much wider and more entrepreneurial clientele.  It began rather magically with a client who was a nurse.  On a personal note, my wife, Ellen, who had been recently diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia, had been a nurse for 13 years (as well as a college English professor), and we were having nurses taking care of her in our home almost all hours of each day.  Needless to say, I have a soft spot for nurses, and when Shirley Franks told me the deal she got with iUniverse was not producing the sales results she had hoped for, I immediately began to work with her concerning what we could do to allow her to leverage her practical training and business education (she had an MSN and MBA) and also teach foreign nurses how to circumvent the often complex medical system in the United States.

As a self-published and independent author, I understood the problems Shirley was having, and I wrote about how we solved them in a blog article.  I got her full permission to use her name and experience, and you can read what we did to establish the Shirley Franks Nursing Consulting Business.

As a result of working with clients like Shirley, I want to cover how we work with a variety of businesses and individuals who need to establish a brand and work directly with their clients through the power and ease of a mobile application communications.  Again, I covered why mobile publishing is the most advanced method of communicating and selling to clients that’s available today in a recent blog article.

Small Businesses with Products to Sell

Our application allows businesses to present their products with the customer in mind.  There are three steps to produce information-based eBooks and print-on-demand materials and sell them through our “3-in-1” app.

Step 1:  Create the Information

It’s been proven that customers buy products when they believe they are being given special treatment.  The alienating problems of selling online have been decreased by using mobile apps, but until our app, it has been far too expensive to deliver sales materials directly to the client without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to create an app from the ground up.

We teach the business person how to easily create their education materials inside our ePub Creator Studio.  We leverage the latest ePub3 (multimedia) technology, which allows the quick insertion of videos into the eBook and well as more complex interactive elements using Javascript.  Until now, this was not possible in mobile publishing.  Once the business sees how easy it is to create an educational book, they can proceed to the next step in the process:  Price and Deliver the Information.

Step 2:  Price and Deliver the Information

When we install our app on your website (or we can set-up a website for you for $75 per year, unlimited storage), you will get a tailored “look and feel” that matches your brand.  This is important to professional businesses that will be working so closely with each customer or client.  Only the power of mobile publishing and marketing allows you to reach niche audiences so easily and provides the most “distraction-free” sales environment with which to present a product for consideration.  We have a store component inside our app for when you want to close your deal with your client.  Also, since you can educate the potential client before you close the deal, the materials you give them are instantly updated and shown on their mobile library platforms across multiple devices.  This, in effect, works like an “instant message” system to inform your clients of the latest developments in your product or coupon sales they can use for immediate purchase of your product or service right inside the app.

Step 3:  Market and Communicate Directly with Your Customers

This step is the most technologically profound for businesses that want to establish a brand and communicate directly with their client base.  Since our app includes a Forum component, you can set-up interactive teaching and communications.  As a Caltech Supervisor and Professor of English, I taught online for over 15 years.  In fact, I initially developed this app to be used by teachers to reach their “on the go” students.  By leveraging the educational component within our app, your business will be instantly showing your clients the latest trends and opportunities available to them in your service or product area.  This is invaluable when wanting to establish trust and communications with clients.  It will put you way ahead of your competition and is well worth the up-front investment.

Our direct email program also provides you with niche addresses you can purchase from curated “opt-in only” vendors, to be directly sent to new prospects, in addition to the mailing list of clients you already have, which can initially be installed inside our email program delivery database.  Usually, a brief email explaining to the prospect how to download and install your app and what you will be providing them is sufficient.  We can help you create these emails or you can develop them yourself.

Other Examples

Here are other examples of clients who used our app to market and educate their clientele:

  • Real Estate Salesperson who used our app to create multimedia eBooks that gave her clients instant properties available for sale as well as educated them through the forum component about the neighborhood where they could be moving so as to provide a service no other R.E. agents were able to provide by mobile device.
  • Author of Science Fiction series who used our app to create “choose your own adventure” novels inside our eReader and added this new reading experience to their already successful line of conventional print books. (Note:  The link to the example given in this podcast is here.)  His sales increased dramatically after he did this, and he also had a new collection of readers (and their email addresses) interested in an innovative way of reading enhanced content.  He also plans to develop more titles and to establish a new publishing imprint to sell through his app.
  • Professor who taught classes online but wanted a more portable and direct way to reach his students. We installed our app on his private website, and he was able to begin a new business of publishing educational titles to students directly and circumventing the cumbersome “big publishing” sales route (he also kept 100% of the profits).  Students could reach his materials and books on any mobile device they had, and they didn’t need to log-in each time or worry about compatibility issues that were always a problem when using Blackboard and Moodle Course Management Systems.
  • Fine Art Dealer who used our app to sell the variety of high-priced paintings and other fine art directly to his private list of potential buyers. His app became, in effect, a private auction wherein he could both educate his buyers about the individual artist and his life and times and also present videos and other dazzling media to present the work in its most favorable image.

Ready to Blow-Up Your Business with Mobile Technology?

If you have a great business idea or have already established your Internet presence but find your sales are sluggish, then please set-up a free interview consult with me.  I would be more than happy to see how our app installation can work for your specific needs.   
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Prof. Jim Musgrave

Jim Musgrave
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