Overwhelmed by the self-publishing process? 


“Peter Bowerman has proven to be the single most helpful person in our self-publishing undertaking, and not just once, but many times over…”

“Thank goodness I ran across Peter before my company’s book went to print. In short order, he gave us advice that saved us an immeasurable amount of money ($40,000 if I had to guess).”

“He’s smart. Sincere. And a hoot to work with. He treats your book as his own.”

“I would recommend him as a key ally for anyone considering self-publishing. He’s the REAL DEAL, and he sincerely cares about your success.”

“His on-the-money feedback and real-world insights have been a joy and wonder.”

“His flexibility [and]…his expertise, has had me return repeatedly to add more hours. Just try him once; you’ll see the value immediately. I should know, I am a Corporate Coach myself.”

“[Peter] was instrumental in the book’s success, coming up with a better title and subtitle…One with punch. One that drew attention….”

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How can I—and my 35+ years of sales, marketing,
copywriting and publishing experience—help you?

As the Internet grows in scope and capabilities, self-publishing has become infinitely more feasible than it’s ever been. AND potentially rewarding: my five books (+ ebook versions) have yielded 100,000+ copies in print, and a full-time living since 2001 (not a typical outcome for most self-published books). All the “how-to” of that happy result is exhaustively chronicled in my triple-award-winning 2014 release, The Well-Fed Self-Publisher: How to Turn One Book into a Full-Time Living (click here).

Translation? My experience is “real world” and empirical. I’ve been there, and I’d love to help you duplicate—or surpass!—my success.

Yet, self-publishing can be overwhelming: so many details, so much minutiae, so many things that need to happen in the right sequence, and so many ways to get it wrong. Having been at this game since 1999, I’d wager I’ve run across just about any scenario you might encounter – and many more you haven’t (yet). And my education proceeds daily.

One of the first (and smartest) things I did when I started self-publishing—and knew almost nothing—was to hire a publishing consultant to guide me through the process. In our first session, he made a suggestion that paid for his services many times over. I’m living proof that finding experts pays off, big time.

How Might You Use My Mentoring Service for Self-Publishing?

  • Weighing conventional publishing, POD (Print-on-Demand) and self-publishing?
  • Overwhelmed by the enormity of the process and need to construct a solid game plan?
  • Need proven, resources for producing (editors, designers, printers, etc.), promoting and publicizing your masterpiece?
  • Want to avoid the many common “newbie” mistakes?
  • Want an experienced, “been-where-you-are” sounding board for marketing ideas, approaches and strategies?
  • Need help creating effective press releases, attention-getting direct mail flyers/campaigns, or compelling web site copy? See my 20+-year copywriting portfolio here.
  • Need help brainstorming a powerful title/subtitle or crafting potent back-cover copy? Check out my Title Tailor site dedicated to these crucial book components.


For more details, please come visit! Or just pick up the phone: 770-438-7200 (I’m EST in Atlanta, GA).

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