Mark Gelotte Book Design is a design studio aimed at book creation for self-published authors and those whose aim is to uplift the human spirit through health, lifestyle, personal growth, business integrity,  or spiritual inspiration. My goal is to create visual impact to the author’s words and message through an eye-catching cover and attention to the book’s interior text and illustrations.

If you are an independent author who is publishing your own book, I can help you with the process of getting it designed, produced, and printed or to be published as an ebook for Kindle and EPUB.

I also invite you to read the testimonials on my website. You will see that I take care to listen and inform my customers of the step-by-step process of getting their book to print. Be sure to use the interactive book viewer on my site to sample covers and pages from my portfolio.

My studio is located in Sedona Arizona and services authors throughout the USA and Europe for over 25 years.

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