Middleton Book Conversion was one of the first ebook conversion companies in the U.S. and was a recommended vendor of Ingram Spark (formery Lightning Source,) the self-publishing unit of Ingram Content Group.

Middleton specializes in working with small publishers and independent authors and produces ebooks for virtually all popular ebook reading devices.

We have created affordable ebooks in an enormous variety of types and have extensive references. Our experience includes business books, fiction, scholarly works, instruction books and other non-fiction. We create both flowable and fixed-layouts.

If you are in the process of prepared a manuscript for both print and ebook distribution, we strongly urge you to contact us prior to beginning creating your layouts. There are several simple things that can be done to make conversion to ebook faster, cleaner, and less expensive.

For best results, you might wish to have us create both your print and ebook designs.

We place special emphasis on customer service and guarantee your ebook will pass strict industry standards. Your ebook will provide your readers with such a satisfying reading experience they will recommend it to others.

We look forward to offering you a free estimate on your project.

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