OK: Why haven’t you written that book?

Lack of time? Lack of money? Fear of failure? Fear of success? Have no clue where to begin? Have a brilliant book idea, but feel like you’re not, well…a writer?—and there’s no way you can actually pull this off!

Are you a busy CEO or executive? I’m a ghostwriter who can get the book written for you—including developing the spot-on book proposal that can help you snag a publishing deal.

A rising Authorpreneur with a smaller budget? Feeling stuck? True talk: Yes, writing a book requires organization and discipline, but I know you can do it! And I’m here to help rising Authorprenurs like you avoid trial and error, and make smarter choices out the gate in your book journey.

My own background? I am an award-winning writer with an MFA in fiction writing from Columbia’s School of the Arts (one of the top-ranked writing programs in the world), and was represented by a literary agent from ICM early on in my career—yes, that ICM. If you’re as bored of me tooting my horn as I am, let’s get to the important stuff: I’m a Synergist (strange, daunting, and undefined assignments have become my specialties. There are lots of dots floating in the air—I’m that person who connects them) and a problem solver who can guide and help you, as a rising Authorpreneur, to avoid the tactical errors and costly mistakes I made when I started my own book journey.

If you’re a rising Authorpreneur, here are some ways I can help through my NorthStar coaching packages:

Uncover: What’s your book ASSASSIN?—the thing—or things—that keep killing the focus, zeal and/or discipline, you need to get your book done

Discover how to narrow down your topic and differentiate it from the quatrillion other similar books already out in the market

Get a grip on self-publishing and traditional legacy publishing, and what’s the difference—and decide which option is best for you. (Hint: It doesn’t have to be either/or—sometimes the sweet spot for success is a combination both)

Pinpoint your “bullseye” target audience—and how you can reach them. (Pssst… Your target audience may not be who you think)

Map out at least three actionable ideas for monetizing your book

Brainstorm novel ways to get your Authorprenur journey started that may not involve writing a long-form book

Need to Know:

• I’m crafting a book proposal for an entertainment icon who has both pioneered startups and worked with entertainment giants that are household names

• I’m working with a tech CEO to write a book that’s a contrarian call and response to the Lean Startup methodology sacred to most startups

• I’m coaching rising Authorpreneurs who are having difficulty getting their book projects off the ground

Ready to finally write that book? Please contact me to discuss your book publishing n