When I’m reading anything, from a newspaper article to a book to the papers my students write, errors seem to jump off the page and hit me in the face.  I decided to combine my love of editing with my love of teaching, and help authors make their writing the best it can be.

What that means for you is this: if you’re an author trying to get your book ready for publication, I can help you with structural editing, proofreading or anything in between. I can also help you get your manuscript correctly formatted for e-publishing. If you’re a student with a paper to turn in, I can help you with proofreading, reference checking or anything else that is within ethical boundaries (meaning I won’t help you cheat, but I’ll help you polish work that you’ve already done).

If you’ve finished with your manuscript, and the editorial process seems like a mountain that’s just too high to climb, I can work with you to make your writing perfect.