Founded in 1991, our agency’s purpose has remained steadfast—to work creatively and honestly with writers to maximize the potential value of their book ideas and aspiring careers. We work primarily with non-fiction and historical fiction authors.

To achieve significant results for our clients, we work closely with them in shaping their ideas into appealing proposals and books. We work with many award-winning authors and leading content experts including: Carol Roth, Matt May, Rick Brandon, Lynn Robinson, Jeff Thull, Jeanne Meister, Michael Thomsett, Braden Kelley, Rod Pyle, Robert Malone, et. al. Our agency’s services include:

author representation contract reviews manuscript development
proposal evaluations digital content coaching small press consulting

“Any author that has the opportunity to work with John is very lucky. John helped me evolve my writing style to be infinitely more effective. Instead of dwelling on nit-picky little details, he helped me get the overall shape and content right. John exhibited numerous strengths that helped to make the book far more successful than it would have been otherwise.”   ~ Jim Collins, Author of Beyond Entrepreneurship, Built to Last and From Good to Great

Writers have many print and digital choices to choose from to publish their work or employ in an integrative marketing and media strategy. All too often, however, not enough attention and time is invested in the research, writing and preparation of a book for a very competitive marketplace. We believe true marketing begins with words and features intended to enthuse readers.

Our content coaching and publishing strategy services are intended to help writers produce these quality books…including digital content and e-books…that become highly recommended in their fields and in the media.

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