Talented and versatile writer/editor and consummate publishing professional. I create original writing that is provocative and edgy, exuberant and lively, tinged with humor and irony, or solemnity and pathos. I provide ghostwriting through a highly intense, striving personal effort to become the voice of the author, precisely the way an actor becomes the character he or she is playing on stage or screen. I am an expert, substantive content editor keenly focused on succinctness, literary impact and cleanness of form. To sum it up, I am a writer’s writer; I am passionate about prose that moves readers, that makes people think and reflect.

The essence of ghostwriting excellence is for the ghostwriter to become the author precisely the way an Oscar-winning actor becomes the role. As a ghostwriter I strive to think in my author’s head, to feel in the author’s heart, to speak in the author’s tongue, and to write with the author’s hand. Whether your desire is to write a true memoir or nonfiction account of your personal experience, or a fictional tale or story, my goal is to become your voice, not to alter it, but to provide a rich context of emotional and visual imagery that makes the reader “feel” as well as read the story. You provide the solo, I’ll provide the orchestra.

Art Lizza, Ghostwriter, Conceptual/Developmental Editor can be found in these categories: